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Sustainable Facade

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We are delighted to invite our friends and clients to a seminar about sustainable facade design. There will be three presenters and Krisztian from VERITAS Architects Vietnam will talk about Resilience & Sustainability in Hotel Facade Design. His presentation is based on a lecture for Malaysian Architecture Education held by our associate architect Dr. Miguel Angel Robles-Cardona in Kuala Lumpur. The original title of his framework “Principles of Resilient Design in Architecture”.

Miguel has done a great research, mentioning 7 principles in design and I am using his frame. Some slides directly re-sued in my presentation with his permission. His work is focusing on the building as a whole and its locality including urban context. In my presentation I attempt to reduce and focus on facade design only, point to design issues mainly highlighted in Hospitality projects. However the sustainable approach in design never to be determined by one element of the building. We always must examine the building as a complex system with its socio economic environment. Therefore it is deem necessary at some point to mention overall concept of a building, not only the facade as a part of it.

Venue: C-Space Center

Time: 2:00 pm, 21st of April, 2022

VERITAS Design Group maintains and ongoing discussion about sustainability and resilient design. VERITAS Environment led by Kenny Wong is in charge of evaluating in-house and outsource projects and advise on various green ratings, like the Singapore Green Rating or US based LEED.

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