An enhancement of landscape for the existing main roads of the residential development

Client: Gamudaland

Size: 16 landscape sculptures

Location: Dist. Tanh Phu, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Year of completion: 2017

The project title was an enhancement of landscape for the existing main roads of the residential development. After analyzing the existing landscape together with the client we concluded that the solution is a series of sculptures. The landscape cultures should increase the attractiveness of developments and improve the lighting alongside the main roads. The main idea was to place objects into the landscape which are integrated into the landscape scene on an organic way. However they should be interesting enough and visible from far distances a landmarks. The main concept was to build landscape creatures growing around the existing trees, embracing the landscape and mirroring the greenery. The location of the sculptures could also be changed by the time

As lighting sculptures alongside the road one of our challenge was no to disturb the vehicular traffic. The LED lighting we hid behind opaque acrylic panels and we designed tree up-lights to bright up the shapes from outside. The client brief was to create modern emblematic symbols for their development. Also the colors should be reflecting to corporate colors of the investor’s brand and the color scheme of the development. By using different modules we created special experience for the observers moreover the shapes of sculptures are irregular, some even carries anthropomorphic attributes.

With the material of sculptures we created an optical illusion to integrate the sculpture more into the landscape. The sculpture are made from modules. The modular shape allowed us to increase the diversity of the sculptures without increasing the construction cost. We used 3 type of modules: frames, solids and mirroring. The some if the solid modules we equipped with LED lights inside. Altering the solid, frame and mirroring surfaces gives the optical illusion of the observer like the object was more integrated into the landscape, growing together with the tree or even some part is flying without any support.

Using modules was not only an aesthetically reason but economic too. All together we designed 16 sculptures alongside the main roads of Celadoncity. All of them has a unique look. The same idea could not be efficient by designing and building 16 totally different sculptures. The materials like steel, mesh and acrylic panels are simple and often used for lighting signages in Vietnam. A local contractor easily could reproduce and install our sculptures.


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